There are challenges on the feedstock front. Bottom line, jatropha, camelina and algae are still emerging feedstocks, soy and canola are pricey, waste oils & greases are tough to find at scale, and palm is politically radioactive.”

“The blender’s credit and import tariff on foreign ethanol have distorted the corn market, creating needless volatility in the cost of animal feed….”

President of the National Turkey Federation, quoted in Left-Right Coalition Responds to Senate Vote on Ethanol Tax Credit, 6 December 2010.

“Whether you call it biomass or simply chopping down trees, it’s still deforestation.”

Climate legislative director for the Natural Resources Defense Council,” quoted in “New Rules May Cloud the Outlook for Biomass”, 9 July 2010.

“As the leading grain exporter and ethanol producer, the United States is in the driver’s seat. It needs to make sure that efforts to reduce its heavy dependence on imported oil do not create a far more serious problem: chaos in the world food economy.”