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What is Bioenergy? It is the energy obtained from biological organisms. It springs from sources like fuel, wood and wastes. Bioenergy is also a form of renewable energy which can be used to produce electricity, heat and products. Unlike fossil fuels, bioenergy does not contribute Carbon Dioxide to the atmosphere.

What are the benefits of Bioenergy?

Reducing of greenhouse gas emission

gas.emission bioenergy - Benefits of Bioenergy

Greenhouse gas emission reduction from bioenergy is the greatest. Because the waste biomass is converted to heat or combined heat and power in bioenergy plants located close to where the waste is generated. Unlike other type of renewable energy, bioenergy’s greenhouse gas reduction benefits are potentially much greater. For example, stubble that will be needed to be burnt in a field, can be harvested and combusted in an emission that controlled by a bioenergy plant. Consequently, greenhouse gas emission decreases are made twice – once in the field through reduced burning through petroleum gas or fossil fuel substitution from bioenergy production.

Renewable Energy bioenergy - Benefits of Bioenergy

Bioenergy is a sustainable power source that can create bountiful of benefits, the extent of which relies upon on a combination of factors like feedstocks used, how they are delivered and transported, and the efficiency of the technologies conveyed to convert them to bioenergy.

Generation of Heat and Electricity

electricity bioenergy - Benefits of Bioenergy

Unlike other renewable energy, in a combined heat power plant, biomass can create heat and electricity. Which small communities and industries can used for a range of heating and cooling applications.

Better Air Quality

air bioenergy - Benefits of Bioenergy

Aside from generation of energy, Bioenergy can provide an air quality. Bioenergy Plant controls in an advanced emission of the biomass buildups that is open-burnt on the forest or in a field like tree pruning.

Biofuels are Biodegradable

biofuels bioenergy - Benefits of Bioenergy

One of the major lands and water pollutants are the petroleum-based fuels or fossil fuels. Biofuels like ethanol biodiesel are less toxic and are biodegradable.

Employment Opportunities in Regional and Rural Economic Development Globally

hiring bioenergy - Benefits of Bioenergy

Based on studies, compare to other types of renewable energy, bioenergy creates new opportunities especially for Farmers and forestry workers, Engineers and construction workers, Companies that markets and distribute biofuels and research companies that develop and license innovation process technologies, People that supports industries who benefit from the bioenergy production generates in small communities

Cost saving

cost bioenergy - Benefits of Bioenergy

Compare to fossil fuel, using bioenergy technology can be very helpful when it comes to cost saving. For example, areas that are dependent on LPG for heating (not connected to petroleum gas) areas that are remote from, or close to the end of the power grid, subject to power outages and blackouts and where electricity transmission losses and expense to upgrade the power supply are high.

Less Landfill

landfill bioenergy - Benefits of Bioenergy

Generating bioenergy by using waste streams saves the environment which reduces the contamination risk and economic costs of disposal in landfills.

Possibly the most advantage of bioenergy is it is a surely renew capable natural resource that would help supply energy wants indefinitely.

“There shouldn’t be any doubt that renewable, home-grown fuels are a key part of our strategy for a clean energy future.” Stated by U.S former President Barack Obama. Hopefully, this kind of thinking will keep on spreading far and wide. However, it is not just a dream. Bioenergy rules in some of the countries like Japan and Korea.